Promotions and Advertising

  • Contest: Participants create or do something and a jury selects the best.
  • Sweepstake: Sweepstakes are similar to a lottery, any entry can win.
  • Give-away: Any person who applies gets the reward (usually limited with a certain number of people)
  • Coupons and vouchers
  • Point card, loyalty card, gift card
  • Instant Discount
  • Free Gift
  • Bonus Packs & Buy 1 get 1 free, etc.
  • Family & friend specials (e.g.. Introduce a friend to get a discount)
  • Discounts for certain people & special occasions (Specials for students, specials for X team fans)
  • Bundling of existing products (if you buy X1 product, you can get X2 product discounted) Sampling, free Sampling, trial kits

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