Twitter, Facebook, SNS in Japan and Mobile Internet

Yesterday we held our first joint study session with the Michigan State University students as a part of our ICC communication course. It was incredibly effective and educational thanks to the extraordinary students from MSU and their teacher, Dr. Coursaris. Here are the key takeaways

-A very small number of users, mostly celebrities, are responsible for most of the tweeting activity

-Twitter is not neccessarily a social network service but a broacasting tool.

-There is no certain underlying driver behind twitter usage; everyone has a different reason.

-First Japanese SNS was Goco, a dating site (2003), followed by Gree, Mixi (2004), Myspace (2006) and FB (2008)

-Gree is the largest SNS (25 million + members), Mixi is the most actively used SNS (18% of the internet population) (Excluding Yahoobb,Mobage aliance)

-59% of Mixi users are females vs. only 42% female FB users in Japan (this is because a) naturally it is less costlier for males to share personal information with the public b) most fb users in Japan seem to be business oriented people who tend to be males)

-84% of Mixi subscribers use the diary feature compared to 4% of Facebook users. 88% of Facebook users posted music, while only 8% of Mixi users did so.

-84.3% of Japanese Facebook users reveal their name to people compared to only 20% of mixi users (MOBILE MARKETING DATA LABO., 2011).

-The most active mobile Internet users are 12-19 year old school girls.

–  75.2% Japanese smart phone users downloaded (presumably paid for) an application in the past year vs only 43%  American users and and 38% European users.

– By December,2010 almost half of Japanese mobile phone users had a smartphone (48%)
-Zynga games seem to dominate  top 5 mixi social games: Sunshine ranch (Rekoo) ≒Farm Ville, Friends scorecard* (Soratobu), Make City, ≒ My City Life, Kaitou royale, ≒ Mafia Wars, Kanji test (DRECOM). (mixi 2010)

-51% of Japanese social gamers were females.

-Japanese people usually play social games before going to bed, lunch time and commuting time.

-Mixi is the most popular social gaming platform (45% of social gamers)

-Recently there was a huge jump in internet usage rates among the elderly (65-69) , 2008:38%, 2009:57%.

-It is in Japanese culture: even in 2002, before this sns boom, 80% of the Japanese mentioned that they do not want to use their real name on the net in addition to the 90% who said they feel uncomfortable using their real picture. Some things never change…

You can read the slides here

and you can watch the presentation here

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