Google+ Reactions from the Japanese Blogosphere

The reviews of Google + from the western part of the world seemed to be positive, except some mixed messages from one Tech blog. I then asked one of my students to scan major tech blogs in Japan and give me a brief summary. According to what she shared with me, it seems like Google + created a very good first impression in the Japanese blogosphere. The comments ranged from the ease of use to sleekness of design, from application possibilities to the option of creating different network groups and so on.

Here are the title’s and links

APR.FOOLISM ( (retweeted 870 times)

Five reasons why Google+ will surely be prevalent (Positive)

TechTalkManiacs( (397 likes)

The reason why Google is a Threat (positive)

Digital Magazine( (290 likes)

As long as depending on Google internet service, Google+ will succeed (Positive) (211 RTs)

Google+ may drastically change existing use of cloud tools (Negative)

NAVER ( ) (retweeted 170 times)

five reasons to pay attention to Google +  (Positive)

Mitaimon (  (80 likes , 50 RTs)

Google+ is the future of Social Networking (Positive)


Only one good point found while using Google+ (Positive)

TAROSITE.NET ( (87 likes, 57 RTs)

Google+will be threatening if it becomes groupware (Objective)

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