10 Inspiring Facebook Campaigns from Japan

Please note, since there are a small number of Facebook users in Japan, you might want to think about using similar ideas on the recently started Mixi brand pages. For instance, just like the following example, you can ask Mixi users to upload the pictures they draw to the brand’s Mixi page. You can determine the winner by draw or ask other fans to rate those pictures.

1- Air New Zealand http://www.facebook.com/AirNZJP
Be a fan of Air New Zealand on Facebook. Draw a kiwi image and upload it to Air New Zealand’s Facebook brand page. The most liked picture will win a round trip flight ticket to New Zealand.

2- Stride http://www.facebook.com/strideyabaland

Be a fan of Stride on Facebook and upload a picture of you wearing green, pink or orange stripes. 3 people will be chosen by Masuwaka Tsubasa and will go shopping together.


3- Lotte http://www.facebook.com/fits.lotte
Do the Lotte Fit’s dance on camera and upload it to Lotte’s facebook page. The most liked video will win a cash prize. (This campaign is very similar to Lotte’s Youtube campaign. )


4-Kingsoft http://www.facebook.com/kingsoft.jp

“Like” the brand on Facebook. For every 100 likes 1 lucky fan will get an original goods. If the brand reaches 10,000 “likes”  1 of the fans will win an Ipad 2. (Liking a brand on Facebook=becoming a fan of that brand on Facebook)


5-Family Mart http://blog.facebook-now.jp/?p=286

Family Mart pledged to make a 50-yen donation to Tohoku earthquake victims for each new fan on Facebook. (PS:There was a fineprint in the ad stating that the donation was limited with the first 30,000 fans)

6-Rakuten Travel http://www.facebook.com/RakutenTravel

Be a fan of Rakuten Travel and post the pictures of your summer vacation on Rakuten’s wall. 1 lucky winner gets 100,000 Rakupon points.

7- JAL http://www.jal.co.jp/facebook/thanks/
Be a fan of JAL and post messages on JAL’s Facebook page. The company gave away a domestic flight ticket for 2 and 7 free Mos Burger coupons .

8- Guru Navi http://ja-jp.facebook.com/shgnavi?sk=app_133923006677459
Gurunavi gives away 50000 Gurunavi points to be divided among the fans equally.

9- Coca-Cola http://www.facebook.com/cocacolapark

Coca-Cola Park is a very active fan Page on Facebook Japan. The latest campaign is the original figure give-away.

10- Hoken Ichiba http://www.hokende.com/?pro_cd=wwfb0001

Like the brand and get a chance to win Sho Sakurai’s original picture.


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