Common Presentation Errors


  1. Presentation material is not visually appealing.
  2. The colors, fonts and the background are not consistent.
  3. The images and shapes in the presentation are not consistent.
  4. The presentation does not have an emotional/creative introduction and emotional/creative closing.
  5. The presentation does not have a memorable/emotional slogan.
  6. The material is presented as a logical argument rather than “a story of a brand…” (ps: stories are better)
  7. The presenters do not sound passionate on the stage .
  8. The presenters look dull: they sound monotone and they do not have different facial expressions during the presentation including, joy, sadness and surprise.
  9. The presenters don’t maintain eye contact with the audience.
  10. The presenters don’t skillfully use “pauses” and “questions” to attract the attention of the audience.
  11. The presenters don’t use the stage effectively as a team (e.g. they don’t form a triangle or they stand too close to each other).
  12. The presenters don’t have a confident and comfortable body posture.
  13. The presenters are not animated (they don’t move on the stage or they look tired) .
  14. The material is not interesting for the audience members (the presenters don’t use “personal experiences” , “quotations”, “things that may capture the attention of the audience”, “stories” or “startling facts” during the presentation.
  15. The presenters don’t “finish with a bang” The last words are not something that can make the judges or the audience members remember the presentation.
  16. The presenters read everything or most of the material from their personal notes or from the slides.
  17. The presenters don’t smile. They seem tense or anxious.
  18. The presenters have everything typed up on their slides word by word instead of just showing keywords or key information.
  19. There’s a lot of text in the presentation and a very little amount of pictures/illustrations/images. It is ideal that the presenters use pictures or diagrams to explain their ideas.
  20. The presentation does not flow well.
  21. The message is not clear. It is difficult for the audience members to understand what the presenters are trying to do and why they are doing it.
  22. There are logical errors in the material (e.g. the problem and the solution the presenters give are not related).
  23. There is no team spirit. Some members do not contribute. Members say “I think” instead of “WE think” when answering questions from the judges.
  24. One member dominates the presentation.
  25. The presenters do an OK job but they are not as good as other teams.

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