How to Code Twitter Messages

This is the coding form created by my seminar student Ayaka Deguch for her the study titled “Culture and Social Media Usage: Analysis of Japanese Twitter users.”

Coding Sheet


Category example
1.Self promotion 明日の学祭に15:00から出演します!

I’ve been offered an interview for the physical therapy program.

2.Statement and random thoughts A. Related to me そろそろ携帯の保護シール変えるかな

I don’t like Monday morning.

B. Others a. related to sports ホークスが勝ってる

Touchdown Lions!!

b. related to TV BS1でなんか面白いのやってるー

Elf is on TV!!!!

c. related to interpersonal うわ、友達がミスコンに出てる!

My dad is shouting at the tv

d. recent events 地震やー

Really excited for Thanksgiving break

e. pointless bubble はさみ、のり、封筒、ホッチキス


3.Condition 疲れた!

I’m soooooooooooo tired.

4.Information sharing (with URL) 信じられない!(URL)

The future of social TV(URL)

5.Me now 大阪なう!

I’m at Starbucks

6.Question for followers ポイ捨てをどう思いますか?

Snow already??

7.Greeting, おはようございます

Ohhhhh Good morning everyone !

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