Marketing Competition Japan is to Hold Its First Workshop

The Team from the University of Tokyo Who Won the Grand Prize in MCJ 2011

After successfully holding the 2011 Marketing Competition Japan (MCJ) which was participated by 24 teams from 12 different universities, the MCJ committee is gearing up for another exciting competition this year. The organizers of the event expect more than 150 teams from 30 different universities, mostly from Globale COE institutions, to compete in MCJ 2012. This year the competition will also hold workshops to train college students on how to prepare a marketing plain in English, the first of which will be held on June 17th at Kobe City University of Foreign Studies.

Marketing Competition Japan (MCJ) is a task based learning activity that allows participants to improve their English skills, critical thinking skills and presentation skills by providing an opportunity to work on a real life business case. It is the first competition that combines English, business and social media elements in order to raise globally competent leaders who are equipped with the knowledge of modern communication technologies and business skills.

MCJ is organized by by Marketing Competition Japan Committee at Kobe City University of Foreign studies with support from several widely known corporations and organizations including Nestle, P&G, NHK, Mixi, Dentsu, TheJapanTimes, Cambridge University Press and BBC World News. The competition consists of 3 rounds where contestants first create a short commercial in English and upload it to Youtube, then go thorough regional preliminaries and finally make a presentation before judges and an audience to win the grand prize. MCJ will hold its Kansai workshop on June 17th and will be officially kicked off at the end of June, 2012.
More information about MCJ and MCJ Kansai Workshop can be found here

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